Avery Grant and Luke Morris, former hosts of the Bay 11 “Sports Buzz” podcast, return for their annual dive into professional sports. The guys look back at 2022, and look ahead at 2023. Warning to all Laker and Bronco fans…this will be a bumpy ride. The St. Louis Cardinals, the KC Chiefs, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, and more are topics covered during a wide-ranging discussion, and sometimes debate, by our hosts.

The Rundown:     :34 The Takedown: Lakers and Broncos//6:39 The Mets Spending Spree//10:04  Have the Cardinals done enough?//13:44 Review of last year’s Super Bowl picks//16:15 This year’s Super Bowl picks//18:42 Review of last year’s Hot Takes//21:37 This year’s Hot Takes//27:29 Who do you take:  Burrow or Mahomes?//29:06 Closer look at the struggling Lakers